A Case Study on Pharmie App

Ayoyemi Fatokun
4 min readApr 8, 2021

About Pharmie App


Being sick is a problem, another challenge is to know the various medicine shops you can visit to get your prescribed drugs. For those who have life-challenging health conditions that requires re-ordering for their prescribed drugs every time after using up their dosage,and perhaps older in years. These individuals find it difficult to check in often to get their drugs from the comfort of their abodes from various medicine shops. Hence, these problems and challenges is what Pharmie App seeks to solve.


To design a mobile app where an ordering process for prescription drugs will be seamless. Also, to design an interface where users will be able to find the nearest available medicine shops for the prescribed drugs.

Design Process

Research — User Journey — Wireframe — Branding — Prototype

The steps to address the problems above involves asking thought provoking questions such as these on the product:

Who are the target audience?

What is the business objective of this project?

How can the ordering process be made easy for users?

Through the research phase, a user research was conducted via a survey for users on what their pain points are so as to design a product that will be functional for their use. The information gathered resulted into the user persona shown below.

User Persona

User Persona for potential users of Pharmie app

User Journey Map

Through the survey conducted, a user journey was designed for two among the potential users of the product in order for the users to have a better user experience of the product and to be able to address the main pain points of the users.

User Journey Map for Use One
User Journey Map for User Two

The Solution

I designed Pharmie App as a safe place for users to get their prescribed drugs, re-order for prescription drugs in order to satisfy users’ desires of getting their prescribed drugs through a seamless ordering process plus the option of these drugs delivered to them at their doorsteps.

Also, users can search for the available medicine shops around their vicinity especially when they find it difficult to see their prescribed drugs in some medicine shops around them.

The Process

Following the aims of the persona, I laid out the user flow of the product. Creating a user flow helped me point out the objective of the product.

User flow for pharmie app

Going forward, I sketched a low-fidelity to have a clearer aim of the layout and hierarchy of the design for this product. For the colors, I picked Colour Blue which represents trust and stability as my primary colour. Gray was chosen to add to the look and feel of the interface making it the secondary colour and black which symbolizes boldness was used as the tertiary color. These colors were used effectively through sticking to the brand and blending of these colors to enhance users readability and to improve the cleanliness of the app interface.

I proceeded to make the colour palette for the product which gave rise to the final design( high-fidelity wireframe).

Two of the main screens of app


Designing this product helped me understand humans, what frustrates them and how problems can be solved digitally.

This case study is my second project which I took on for the internship entry at cchubnigeria.com. I hope to learn more, grow, collaborate with great UX professionals so as to become an expert in this industry.

The Pharmie app would be of help to improve the ordering process of prescribed drugs and my hope is to continue to improve the user experience of this products through feedbacks from users and further researches in the health sector.